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Beijing Biolink Trading Co., Ltd.

BIOLINK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a technology company specializing in conventional and laboratory equipment. For many years, it has focused on the research and development and sales of biological sample pretreatment equipment, laboratory general equipment, cell processing equipment, etc. The main products include centrifuges, PCR, etc.

BIOLINK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED export instruments are mainly used in the daily teaching experiments of universities, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical biology, pharmaceutical factories, environmental protection, hospitals, enterprise units and other application fields, national engineering (technology) research centers, national engineering laboratories, state-recognized enterprise technology centers, key laboratories, high-tech entrepreneurship service centers, new product development and design centers, scientific research pilot bases, experimental base construction and other scientific research platform construction and product research and development.
BIOLINK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is an China company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Laboratory and Scientific Equipment both in standard and custom designs. With more than 25 years of experience, we are highly confident and working with dedication to provide its customers with a high quality standard of equipment and instruments at exceptionally economical price.
We emphasis on quality and customer service that our customers find in all aspects of our work. We serve our customers with outstanding responsiveness, execution and delivery of product. We believe in ongoing involvement in the production planning process which allows us to anticipate, rather than simply reacting to our changing production requirements.

Manufacturing Partner:
For some of laboratory equipment and measuring instruments, we are working as manufacturing partner with top brandsworldwide. This helps our customers to choose from the widest range of laboratory equipment at one place.

Customer Service:
We are committed to providing unparalleled customer service to our customers worldwide. In both domestic and international operations, Biolink is committed to providing superior customer service in product delivery, product information, and online and offline support.

Guaranteed Quality:
We have achieved extreme quality product performance while maintaining the personalized service you want. We have a large team of technical, marketing and customer support professionals Ensure high quality laboratory equipment and after-sales service. Our rework rate is very low as we employatest manufacturing and design technology. When it comes to machinery parts and other components used in LaboratoryEquipment and instruments, we use high quality branded parts. This lets you save money on rework and have the rightparts when you need them.


  • Experience
    Years of experience in import and export of medical equipment can provide you with the best service
  • Our tenet
    High requirements for quality control and More efficient service always be the tenet of our company.
  • Cooperate
    Cooperation to achieve a Win-Win situation can have long-term and stable cooperation. Looking forward to your inquiries.
  • Pricing
    For the long-term cooperation and bulk demands, pricing remains very competitive
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Beijing Biolink Trading Co., Ltd.